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Canoe safari

Experience the beautiful river Sturba from a new perspective and book your canoe safari.
We offer 1,5 hour canoe safaris for children and adults, followed by a picnic on the river banks with homemade products. Every option includes a guide, photos, and a souvenir at the end of the trip. Children up to 10 years accompanied by parents get free canoeing.


Option 1 – canoe safari + picnic (coffee, homemade juice, cake, pastries) = 30BAM / 15€ per person

Option 2 – canoe safari + lunch (pies / barbecue / stew + salad, dessert, coffee, homemade juice) = 50BAM / 25€ per person

Option 3* – canoe safari + breakfast (homemade pastries, bread, cakes, charcuterie, dairy products, jams, fruit, vegetables, coffee, tea, homemade juice) = 38BAM / 19€ per person

Option 4 - cheese & wine safari (a variety of cheeses + wine) = 60BAM / 30€ per person

* only for morning canoeing

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The river Sturba is the longest river in Livanjsko field, 14,5 kilometers long. It rises at the foot of Gradina hill from two sources (1000L/s). This is a typical karst river, with most of its water coming from Milač in the Kupres Plateau. Sturba flows through several villages, and the picnic area of Crna stina is its most beautiful part. The water temperature is 12-14 degrees which makes it a great refreshment destination during the summer heat. There are also a few watermills, and a part of the river is a fly fishing area.


Birdwatching is one of the fastest growing tourism branches in the world. is the agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that organizes this kind of excursions. There is a possibility of an individual or group visit to Livanjsko field, and we also organize field trips for kindergartens, schools, and universities.

So far, 273 bird species have been registered in Livanjsko field, and 351 species in the whole country. Ždralovac wetland is known as the habitat of the only nesting colony of the great egret, the largest population of the Eurasian bittern in Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than twenty pairs of the Montagu’s harrier, the only known pair of the lesser spotted eagle in Bosnia, one of the eight pairs of the white-tailed eagle - the largest European eagle, the largest population of the corn crake in the Balkans, etc. It is estimated that up to 100,000 individual birds stay in Livanjsko field in wet seasons during the spring migrations, while 60,000 to 80,000 cranes fly over it every year during the fall migrations.

Option 1 - One-day tour = 130BAM / 65€ per person
Option 2 - Three-day tour = 900BAM / 450€ per person
Option 3 - Five-day tour = 1400BAM / 700€ per person
For more information and the complete offer please contact us via email.
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Livanjsko field

With the area of about 610 km2, Livanjsko field is the largest intermittent karst field in the world. It belongs to the town of Livno and the municipalities of Bosansko Grahovo and Tomislavgrad. It is located at an average height of 700 m above sea level and surrounded by mountains, the highest of which is Cincar (2006 m).

In the south-east of Livanjsko polje there is Buško lake with an area of about 56 km2, the north-west belongs to Ždralovac wetland, while the rest of the field floods periodically, thus forming the largest intermittent lake in Europe. The field is crossed by the rivers Sturba, Bistrica, and Žabljak, as well as a few intermittent streams such as Jaruga and Bastašica. Till the 1970s when Buško lake was made, the rivers merged into a sinking river named Plovuća, while today a system of canals takes the water to the Lipa retention basin. Besides the sinkholes, the field abounds in other karst phenomena such as estavelles, pits, caves, and other forms. Due to its importance, in 2008 it became a Ramsar area, and in 2013 an important bird area (IBA). Livanjsko field is also one of the three most important migratory stations on the Adriatic flyway.

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